Why I'm Homeschooling?

This is several years ago I started to homeschool.

I started about when I had 15 years old before passing 1 – 1/2 years of school leaving in cause of my mental health and the bullying that I lived since 7 years.

I started homeschool with the CNED, a french school establishment at distance. During three years I followed my high school in homeschool. Seriously, work at home ALONE it was not always easy at the first, a strict organization and planner is necessary but it was better that living in bullying place. The Bonus now: I know organized by myself and I love so much organization.

I can’t go to school with all bullying. Now, I follow a formation in photography (my passion), that is good.

The ” principal ” reason, why I’m homeschooling, it’s in cause of mental health because I had a lot of bullied that I can’t support.


Now, I announce the winners of my Giveaway of last week.

I contacted the winners by emails.


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