What's Up Without Food {08.30.2017}


Today and one time by month, I answer some questions who have no report with food.



#1 What I’m working on?

School started tuesday, ok, I have a lots of projects, I will start a special formation for learn again more English, photography are on what I’m working.

I work these days on a big project for my adult autonomy.


#2 What I’m listening?

Not really, I listen nothing, I did not want actually I prefer watching.


#3 What I’m watching?

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 was on Air all Summer in France, every Saturdays nights I watched it with three new episodes in the roll… It was so crazy to follow three new episodes. My nights every days almost in August was too watch my favorites episodes of my favorites TV Shows, I watched Hawai 5-0, NCIS Los Angeles, Psych, I watch Jessie in these times I don’t know why but when I was more younger I loved this Show I wanted again to watch at this time, it’s done.


I watch also Modern Family sometimes.


#4 What I’m reading?

NOTHING, these times I did not wanted to read… but the next times I know that it will change with back to school.


#5 I’m excited about?

Take back a day organizations with back to school, my days was less organized and I haste to restart organizations by hours. A next trip.


That’s August What’s Up Without Food today.




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