Food it’s a big problem in my life actually, so I talk so much of this and it’s normal because I decided to do this blog for see if I’m managed what I have set myself for forward and heal.

Now, I decided also to do a post where I answer at 5 question who do not have reports about food, one day by month on Wednesday I think.

These are the questions.


#1 What I’m working on?

Actually I’m working on christmas gifts

#2 What I’m listening?

I started at listen Christmas songs but actually I’m listening a lots of Sean Paul, Cascada, Maroon 5 and Willy William.

#3 What I’m watching?

I started the last week and it’s definitely taken power Christmas movies.

#4 What I’m reading?

Actually, I’m not read so much these last days I had read the notice of my DSLR because I have problem with that’s all.

#5 I’m excited about?

I’m excited to start of take Christmas Photographs.

It was a all new post about no food.


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