Today it’s day of What’s Up Without Food.


#1 What I’m working on?

I’m working on my formation, trying to read a little more books & particularly on a big phobia.

#2 What I’m listening?

I love listening Pink songs mainly Raise your glass.

#3 What I’m watching?

This month I watched movies and it’s rarely except in Christmas season, NCIS on Tv in France it’s not on air now but NCIS L.A. (Saturday was first ones episodes of the season 8 in France) .

 and my challenge of the week.

#4 What I’m reading?

I had in my mind of try read more this year and interest me more at books, I try, I started “You are Europe” the speech from Barack Obama, I watch not really read books with photographs for inspire me but I attract my attention on paper books so that before I didn’t like books.

#5 I’m excited about?

Nothing special.

It’s that February What’s Up Without Food.

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