What’s Up Without Food {11.29.2017}

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Today and one time by month, I answer some questions who have no report with food.

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#1 What I’m working on?

Currently, I work a lot with Christmas around on Christmas Food PhotoShoot or take Christmas PhotoShoot, I work all Christmas Spirit.

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I work on my Christmas Decorations.

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#2 What I’m listening?

Ok, I listening a lot (lot) of Christmas songs.

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#3 What I’m watching?

I watching a lot of Christmas movies, on a other side Modern Family, NCIS season 14 and NCIS L.A season 8 final was saturday past in France.

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#4 What I’m reading?

I read principally this book named “Cracked: Not Broken” Surviving and thriving after a Suicide Attempt.

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With Modern Family a lot that I watching, I bought this Modern Family book.

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#5 I’m excited about?

CHRISTMAS IS ALL ABOUT. I’m excited and need more that all Christmas Spirit these times.

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Bonus question: What gives me HOPE in depression and food relapse?

I’m in a (BIG) relapse, side food and depression, what gives me hope in relapse, it’s all about CHRISTMAS, lights, decorations, all spirit about christmas, that gives me a hope in this turbulences passageway in my life.


That’s November What’s Up Without Food today.



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