What's Up Without Food {09.27.2017}

Today and one time by month, I answer some questions who have no report with food.



#1 What I’m working on?

I’m working with my English in my new formation… I’m working too for fall photoshoot season, a lots of photos I want to do and I’m working on.

I’m working on my frequently anxiety attacks in these moments.


#2 What I’m listening?

Ok, it’s not really listening, it’s in my head but I listening in my memories, the awesome noise some water jets from my trip in Nice in September.


#3 What I’m watching?

N.C.I.S, I know that yesterday season 15 premier has started on CBS in USA, but in France season 14 is in the mid of diffusion and friday nights are here with NCIS time.

Hawai 5-0 season 1, I watch too on tuesday nights.

Halloween movies are here now with a future lots and some new since last years.


#4 What I’m reading?

Not really great things, I read my few little part of books when I search something but nothing more,.


#5 I’m excited about?

This season of Fall and all about everything and I love it, I’m excited about all that… Ok generally I didn’t like the orange color but with this season I’m excited about.


Bonus question today: what I’m remember who is good?

Monday I went alone at my psychiatrist visit, best for my autonomy.

Waiting in waiting room but before a stop to starbucks for a hot chocolate.



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