What's Up Without Food {05.31.2017}


Today and one time by month, I answer some questions who have no report with food.


Before really starting… 15 minutes previously, I got myself in walking a wall, Why I don’t know, I did not look in front of me I believe… now I have a goose egg on the top of my nose. OUCCHH!!!

Start really Now.

Tomorrow it’s last day of school.

This month the days are more hotter also.

#1 What I’m working on?

School is finish tomorrow, I’m not going work on my formation on photography. Despite that school finish I want continue to take photography, videos, and editing videos, YES, I love that! I work always on creation of my photography-port folio site.

#2 What I’m listening?

These last times, I listen so many mix of songs and singers, WEIRD, it’s rarely that I love many songs of the same singers, the last month I discovered RIDSA that I love many of these musics.

#3 What I’m watching?

In April, NCIS Season 14 has started to be on air in France, after few episodes only this friday it’s the last and the programmer have it removed for a new Tv Show, that it’s my country, I suppose that it’s cause the translators haven’t translated the next episodes.

Every Saturdays night in France Hawai 5-0 season 7 new episodes is on air. I love this tv show since that I have discovered.

#4 What I’m reading?

I try to read; and search books who inspiration and can give me strength for my battle.

#5 I’m excited about?

Hot days, water pool days, no school, and more relax.


That’s May What’s Up Without Food today.



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