What’s Up – September 2018

Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life.

This September starting a special feature with the season Fall who has started and my special goal to fall in love with Fall. Ok. I have already found few favorites and I work hard with my Fall Bucket List. A random in my life about this September.




I’m remembering a lot all about my last ski season at the beginning of the year… because I’m just doing to book my next ski trip.

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All about Cinnamon, I have a new obsession. It’s clear! I love to add cinnamon spice on all sugar food that I eat and bake cinnamon recipes.

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Fall in love with Fall season… it’s my biggest work and challenge currently.

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I work a lot on my yearly 2018 PhotoBook, my goal to complete the months until the end of August before the end of September is almost done.

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I started training me on my driving theory.

I’m working to develop my creativity, I draw a lot, what is a hard work because I have no creativity.



Psych. Yes! I watch every day psych, it’s my obsession, I can watch many times the same episode without problems. Shawn and Gus are a big part of my afternoons and evenings.

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Ok, I started to watch Some Assembly Required on Netflix, it was a long time that I added it at my wishlist and finally this month I started. My first review was it’s so fun, I love watching that… I searched others reviews on the internet and I found parents who don’t like let to watch this tv show at their kids in cause of the stereotypes. I agree! I do not see in the first time the stereotypes because it was fun and I laughed but seriously, it’s not to watch for kids who grown ups. If I could to have kids, I could not let them watch this tv show. But me I watch it because I need laughs and I do not trust in stereotypes but for kids, NOT!

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Yesterday, I did my September movies review… Boo! All about Halloween Movies. If you missed my post find it here.



Shawn and Gus on psych.



I have a lot of obsessional thoughts these last weeks. I started a new medication (find about here), I can maybe tell it helps me but it’s too early for really tell it. I have in mind few positive things since. I had obsessional thoughts with a lot of details. Now, I have again some obsessional thoughts but with less of details. It’s good and relaxing!

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About a help in my mental health, it’s to draw and develop to my creativity, when I’m drawing I have almost no obsessional thoughts and creative things it’s just to therapy, I’m in love to have chosen to change my school schedule and take my afternoons for therapeutic things.



My Pinterest Fall Boards. Yes! It’s my highlight currently.


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I’m loving also to work on my yearly photobook. Drawing. Wrap me in the best soft blanket.

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My second solo trip. In October, I have my second solo trip, my first it was back in April and now I’m on the way of my solo trip n°2. I can’t tell how I’m proud of me and I’m excited about. Check out my last solo trip update post for learn more about, here.

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From my new medication to my loves of the moment, I think that I wrapped all. A thing that is currently new, it’s that I’m in trouble to talk at my psychiatrist visits, I don’t know. Why? But it’s a time where I deal with.


That wraps this What’s Up.


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