What’s Up – December 2018

At the end of each month, I do a little recap by answering at few questions.

It’s a little weird to tell me that the year is almost over. It was a hard year with all my daily anxiety but it was also an incredibly good year. I lived new adventures! I love that! I started skiing, to travel in solo. Whaoo! These are just awesome! A little look of what has been up this month. All the Christmas spirit!



My first, FIRST solo trip back in April in Nice. It’s with this trip that the new adventure to travel in solo has started. Amazing!

IMG 5348 - What's Up - December 2018


All the Christmas movies. I have no time for others watching!


My holiday playlist.

Holiday Playlist - What's Up - December 2018


In december, I decided to fix me the goal to take some breaths. Right! It’s helping! That helped to fight my special anxieties of these times. Right! I have a lot of anxiety at the end of the year about the new year coming. I’m anxious! To know how much I will suffer next year! I had always some anxiety and obsessional thoughts but by taking breaths, that reduces the numbers and crisis times.

This month, my mind and heart have been broken by the terror attack in Strasbourg. The first time that a terror attack happens in a city where I go every week. It’s so sad! Right now what I want it’s just come back at Strasbourg. But I did not have of psychiatrist visit since the December 10th and before January 7th.

IMG 2154 - What's Up - December 2018


My birthday was last week. I took a day trip at Disneyland Paris a few days before. On the day, I went to eat lunch at an Italian Restaurant with my family. I’ve had some ski from my parents. It was a sweet day! Of course with a Mickey cake!

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Since that I have Mickey Mouse in my mind with my trip to Disneyland Paris, I tried to bake Mickey Mouse cookies. So fun! I have work again! But it was fun!.

IMG 2259 - What's Up - December 2018

Saturday, I took the first round of the season to do ice skating. A lot of peoples and christmas music. And I loved their christmas trees.

IMG 2323 - What's Up - December 2018IMG 2306 - What's Up - December 2018


Well! Next month it’s a new year! I don’t like really the new years, I have always again more anxiety, I’m afraid of what things could to happen and to do suffer me. I decided on this year to fight this special new year anxiety. Just breathe!

I’m excited to skiing, snow, winter.


I had my first flu in my life two weeks ago. After about five days the fever was down, I took a big long time to recover from this. I’m so tired again! The other day when I tried to do ice skating, it was so exhausting! I was not able anymore to inbreathe during a long time. Each time that I move, I’m so exhausted! I cough a lot! I had my day trip at Disneyland Paris and now I’m happy to stay lay down at home and do not have anymore trip at this moment because I could not go!


december monthly favorites - What's Up - December 2018

That wraps this last What’s Up of 2018.


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