What’s Up – August 2018

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Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life.

It’s my first What’s Up since June… I did not have the time to do one in July with summer, vacation. Here it’s time for, it’s the first What’s Up in this new school year also that I started last week and this one will include a random of these two past summer months, in the same time if you have missed my summer recap, you can found it here.



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It’s the end of summer and I’m remembering what things during, what was good or bad… remembering this summer helps me to have in my head with projects for summer 2019.


Summer end and Fall is about to start, I’m remembering last year Fall who was not good. Fall is the season that I hate, I found this season so sad BUT this year I decided to change that. I want to found joy and enjoy this season so I’m remembering last Fall for found what things can help me to love this season.



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S’mores, chocolate sundae, Nutella crepes, chocolate Kream Ball from KFC and cheese pizza. (I know a lot of chocolate).



On my goals for this new school year and find new ways for fight my anxieties.



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PSYCH all seasons, BULL season 1 (just started season 2), NCIS New Orleans season 4, Hawaii 5-0 all seasons. It was my watching during this summer.


I shared the movies that I watched in August on Monday here and my July movies watching are here.



Shawn and Gus in Psych, Dr Bull in BULL. I love listening to Spanish songs during these summer months.



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I feel a little complicated sometimes with my mental health. My mind is to enjoy every time/thing in life same very little but during this summer I understood few things about my anxiety state and I was hard to understand that and now I try to dealing differently for fight my anxiety and it’s not all time easy.


This month, I did a big update about my eating disorder, it was really good for my mind to do this update and see by writing my progress.



Found Fall Inspirations on Pinterest for enjoy Fall.

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My flip flops.

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My new blanket.

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My day trip in EuroPa Park in August.

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My first time at the Mini Golf.

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My Rubik’s Cube. (I did my first time a Rubik’s cube and I did it about 5 times in three days).

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Deploy all my energy for love Fall.



I think nothing else.


That’s wrap what’s up, August 2018. See you tomorrow guys.



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