What’s Up – April 2019

Welcome back to my monthly “What’s Up” series where at the end of each month I share a few things by answering at few questions. April! Oh, dear April! You give me the opposite of feelings! I had a good time during my solo trip in Paris. And if I was surprised with the low anxiety I had in my trip, I had a lot of anxiety on my daily life and it’s particularly high since I’m back from Paris. Right! A little what’s up round!



Now that I’m back from my solo trip in Paris, I remember a lot about it. The spring is here and I have winter blues. I miss winter! It’s my favorite season! So I remember many of my more beautiful winter days at skiing.

ski season 2019 - What's Up - April 2019IMG 9722 - What's Up - April 2019



IMG 0805 - What's Up - April 2019

My videos of the Eiffel Tower sparkling. I’m watching various of my favorite tv shows, Monk, Psych, Hawaii 5-0. On some bad days, I’m watching a lot of videos of my trips at Disneyland Paris, when I’m watching these videos, I feel instantly a little better.



All the Disneyland Paris loops. What I love the more in a Disneyland trip is the ambition inside the parks including the music. I’m listening, again and again, the parades’ music and also some Disneyland loops.


MENTAL HEALTH…dont limit your challenges challenge your limits - What's Up - April 2019Well! I had some good particularly when I saw that I was able to do Paris in solo with almost any anxiety. But back at home, the anxiety is powerful. I have a lot! And a lot of flashbacks in my memories! A lot of bad nightmares! Some days, I feel like if I was paralyzed. I feel depressed on these days and want to stay in bed. I have finally stopped the Sertraline!



A month with no trip! I’m exhausted! I had my Paris solo trip in April and in June I have many different trips of planned. I love traveling but I’m so much exhausted! And I’m pleased that I have no trip in May. Oh no! Yes! I have my psychiatrist appointments trips who are so exhausted and I’m supposed to have four in May! I’m down!



Nothing to tell right now.



april monthly favorites - What's Up - April 2019



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