What new food I eat

Hello, this last two weeks I try new food in my meals, some tests it was a success and others not. It’s hard of test new foods because I don’t know exactly calories the first time there is inside and some foods fears me of to gain weight.

Anorexia and fear to gain weight it is hard

Here are the new foods :


Between May and the end of July, I ate only a Kinder Pinguin ( when I ate ) with 15cl of milk and medication at breakfast.

Today and since early August I ate this cereals


with sometimes 3-5 Raspberry or with one pieces of this yogurt


always with 15 cl of milk and my medication.


At lunch I don’t find new food that I could support try to eat. I try ham but I can’t eat, I’m feel so bad and sick after I can to eat just in the sandwich that I take at the gare station before my psychiatrist appointment.

I try and I love it ( I don’t eat all of one wrap by against ) for my sandwichs instead of always eat American Sandwich.



There is some days I managed with success at ate this crêpes ( I ate two on a dinner ).



After a test this rillettes are a success to eat.


After so much hesitation at try because there is lots lots lots of calories in, since August I had test Ice Cream Cookies Dough and I had adopted it it’s so good at eat but my fear to gain weight it’s very present when I ate, generally unconsciously I reduce the rest of food ( calories ) in the day for eat that.


I try eat too : mozzarella and some little others foods. My big success is the morning at breakfast because before I don’t want and can’t ate or alone a Kinder Pingui, today I can to eat cereals with fruit or a little yogurt ( I know it’s little but it’s a victory that I eat that ).

News facts: I love toaster my sandwichs too now, I eat sometimes pancakes too now alone or with on average 8g for two pancakes nutella sometimes. I love it baking bread with fruits and some Chocolat Chip inside.


Every single day I search new food I could try, it’s a very hard mission with my fear to gain weight.

I found this:

image.ashx-5 image.ashx-6 image.ashx-7

Actually new test that I found are more of snacks because I search foods with a little more calories for up in calories by day ( 1000 kcal at least ) because I can’t so much eat in little time cause of my very little stomach then I eat in 7-8 times by day and I search foods with more calories for reach 1000 kcal by day for not lose weight.


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