Weekly Routine FIGHT Depression

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Hi! there is few weeks ago I did a post where I explained my daily routine by hours/things for try to stay strong in front of depression lows, today I decided to do a post with my weekly routine for fight depression, yes like I explained in my daily routine‘s post I have special things that I do every days but I have too some special things that I do once time by week during a night, a day etc, these little special things I wait them week on week. I love this is a BIG HELP for depression.

You can found my Daily Routine FIGHT Depression, here.

I start with the first day of the week Monday, I know that it’s Sunday in USA but in France it’s Monday.


Mondays is generally a special day because I have my psychiatrist visit. It takes me a good part of my day because I have visit at 02h00pm but I leave home about 12h00pm for take the train at 12h45pm with 55 minutes of travel, I take the back train about 03h20pm and I’m back home at 04h40pm.

Outside my psychiatrist visit, what I wait with excited it’s of walk between the gare station and my psychiatrist office, it’s about 10 minutes of walk, I explose my calories part on my Apple Watch the monday day. Now, cold and fall/winter are come too, my psychiatrist office is near of few meters of a Starbucks and just after the visit I go take a Hot Chocolate.

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The tuesdays are a free day where I choose what I wanted to do. Coloring night, reading, internet, photoshoot, cuddle blanket, etc, work on the day, and the rest of the day it’s a free day.

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The wednesdays I have nothing of special planned because my mom is out of work this day and so I decided do not planned something on this day.


On thursdays I sit a little with a pen and my planner for start to write the food and meals that I want to eat with the Pinterest Help I take a time for planned for the next week. I create one for show you.

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On fridays it’s NCIS tv show, in France NCIS is on fridays and this night it’s just between a of my favorite tv show and me time.

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The saturdays is store time for bought the foods and necessary for the follow week. On saturdays night I dedicated these nights for a read time or a tv show night, there is few weeks ago NCIS L.A. has started to be on, so, now it’s more tv show.

IMG 4288 e1509014986262 - Weekly Routine FIGHT DepressionThe saturdays afternoons  I dedicate them for clean my room in deep, clean, clean and vacuum I love to do that on the saturdays.


The sundays is the day that I HATE the more, nothing to do of special, I just take this day on mornings for take care of me a little epilation, mask etc. The only thing on sundays nights, it’s my movie nights, every sunday nights I watching a movie that I wanted. So. It’s the day.

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Here is go I listed my favorites weekly which help me for fight depression or take a time out of my anxiety world. These just little things give just a little time out.


What is your favorite weekly thing? Let me know in comments! Please.

Daily routing fight depression’s post.

It’s my feeling today. It’s 1st November, it’s the season now.

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