Wednesdays Talk: Spring Cleaning.

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It’s Wednesdays Talk.

The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.



In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk about spring cleaning.

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I love the thing of spring cleaning same if since 3-4 years I do not apply it for the good reason that I clean and organize all long year, I do not wait spring cleaning for cleaning, throw and organize my bedroom, my bedroom is the most clean room and organize of all house… my parents have a problem of keeping, they keep all sometimes I would like to help them to throw and organize but when I try they yelling on me.


Same if actually I do not need to use spring cleaning for clean and organize my spaces… it’s thanks to a spring cleaning that today, I love clean, throw and organize all long year and that I’m minimalist.

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It was there is about 6 years ago… I started… I heard a lot about spring cleaning around me but in my family we never did… a day in my fifteenth year… it was a very bad year on self harm, depression, suicide ideas,… I was a lot in my previous years of bullying at school in my head,… a day in spring after I heard again about spring cleaning, I told me why not try… I had again my elementary books, school sheets,… I thinking throw all that as I did not use them since a lot of year, I had really a lot of school stuffs again because my parents wanted always all keep… but on this day I decided to throw a little part of all these stuffs, a part just for do not scare my parents like they love all keep and after this day I felt so good, so good to get rid of school books and so good to have less of things in my bedroom. I continued, I continued after… every days I throw… I was at home all long days in cause of my social anxiety so I have the time for do it… each time I throw and I had less of stuffs in my bedroom I felt better after… if I started  with my school books/stuffs I continued on all things that I had in my bedroom, I followed with my clothes, others books that school, papers, decorative objects… I thrown a very lot… I finished egally on internet for to do research about clean home,… and almost MINIMALIST life style, I loved, I felt good each times I cleaned and learned about cleaning and minimalist, during the follow years and during I growing up I finished by choose minimalist as lifestyle.

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About school stuffs: today I did not keep anything except few preschool or kindergarten books (just because these are my first learning). And I’m feel better about school, it’s always a hard subject because it left me a mark with 7 years of bullying every days but I feel better to have less of material stuffs about my school years.

Minimalist is now my life style, I clean, organize my spaces all times of year, I love that so I do not need of spring cleaning really…

This year, I will use spring cleaning for wash my room more deep as moving my bed for clean well below, clean well the windows,… I will try to found of course some things to get rid as I do to each seasons. That’s will to be my spring cleaning this year.


Thanks to a clean home, throw useless things, my minimalist lifestyle… my mental health is better, I haven’t healed fully with that but that’s help me so much I have a mind more clearly is that’s help me on my depression but ALMOST for my BPD disorder.

If you have a house or bedroom to clean, try to use spring cleaning for clean really well, me that’s helped me, why not you! You will feel so better in your head after, I know that that’s can be hard to launch in cleaning but it is worth it, really! I encourage you to do it. On Pinterest a lot of ideas there is for planning and track your cleaning. If you need support for to do it you can contact me in comments below or at



Take care of you.


Tomorrow is FINIAL review with PART 3 of my ski trip.



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