Wednesday,… Hair Straightener Brush

Since few weeks, I did the acquisition of a New Hair Straightener Brush (see here).

This was a long time that I wanted one but I have very much hesitated.

My hair are not smooth and not curly but they are thickness, I have a lots of difficult for brush them in the mornings and after that I brush them they are the next second tangled. Ouchh!

On a lots of places (Tv, Internet, Books), I saw that this hair straightener brush was the solution.

I decided to test and my view is that it’s awesome, OK, it’s not for a pro-smooth but for hair thickness, i’s perfect, my hair didn’t get in all way one second after that I brush them as with a Classic Brush. My alone thing that I don’t love that we can not use this brush on wet hairs, Pfff! Ok, it’s a new big deal for brushing my hairs this new brush.

This is a Wednesday, hair, post.


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