Vacation Hyères – Days 3-5 

Hello there, 
This is the days 3-5 of this  vacation(not really vacation).
Breakfast for Wednesday morning.
He was same for all day of the week expect for Monday morning where I ate nothing, just 5cl of milk. 
10cl of milk, a all Kinder Pingui et my 50mg of Lamotrigine.
After breakfast, I taked some pics of my body.
Wednesday afternoon I ate a 3/4 of a sugar crepes
& a little soft vanilla ice cream on night at the Hyères port.
Wednesday and Thursday this is was very wendy.
Because that they are canceled the fireworks for Bastille day on Wednesday night and Thursday.
I go in vacation for photographied fireworks, this is a very coup dur for me. 
The city les avait repoussés au Friday and Saturday on night but They are was complètement canceled because of terrorist attack at Nice. Pray for Nice , my favorite city of France.
Thursday morning, I have enfin pus me peser avec une nouvelle balance and J’ai pus voir que je n’ai pas pris de poids mais stressé comme même de savoir si il y avait une différence avec l’ancienne balance. 
After, I watched a little times parade of Bastille day on TV. 
After that, I go ing to the beach & I ate a little mini bn paquet.  
The afternoon ,  I était again at the plage.
& I ate a cookies on the sand.
On the night, this was a very little pieces of this VERY BIG pizza with so much calories ( phobia ).
I have ate a very little pieces of pizza beacause I wanted a nutella crepes for the dessert;( (so much calories on this two things for eat the two & a really so much little stomac for that).
This nutella crepes after and I ate 3/4.
A very little trip at the beach at 10h on the night. 
This four & five this closed and the next morning I have learned a devastating new. Terrorist attack at Nice,.

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