So, this makes 1 and half month almost 2 now that I started my new formation on Photography in Homeschooling, the end of September I had send my first homework and yesterday I received my note with correction by mail. I decided to do a little update on how I arrived at work since I started the third week of August.


And review goals that I fix me before starting and answer myself at some question?

When I started to receive documents for start formation I decided to fix goals myself.

Last year, I can’t work on a high school year cause my psychological state.

When I registered at this formation I had fear because last year I can’t work but with that if I can’t work I don’t know to do because this formation is very expensive.

So, for my goals as I don’t know how I couldn’t work I decided of start August 23 th 2016 and to do a recap during Nice trip beginning September, for try I don’t really fix me hours, days etc maybe just Tuesdays and Thursdays, start around 10h 30 AM until 3h 00 with a Lunch Box for eat this days for do not have a cut on my concentration and with foods problems because prep my lunch can take lots of times so I decided to prep my lunches in advance.

My recap during Nice trip was good because I had managed until this day my goals about Thuesdays and Thursday, work around this hours and Lunch Box.

After Nice trip I decided of add the morning Friday but just a little time at this time and no Lunch Box this day. It was a success.

( Side note: During Nice trip it missed me do not work. )

Since some weeks at my planning I add my food photography planning too, in September I worked the morning with the beginning of afternoon and baking after for take photography but actually and since my dad is a retirement and my mom at home and always sick since few weeks I changed I bake the mornings after breakfast take photography and I work after.

A Tuesday or Thursday Type ( actually )

I wake up around 8h 30 AM, I eat my breakfast, Dress up after I am going in my bed for few minutes and around 9h 50 AM I start baking in fonction of recipe I take photographs around 10h 20 – 10h 30 AM after I eat if I feel able a little piece of the recipe that I just did for see if I love it or not before that and during the cooking process I to do my Lunch box.

Around 10h 30 – 11h 00 AM I start working in my room generally on my bed, I to do a little stop around 12h 00 PM for my Lunch with a episode of 7 th Heaven after I start again and I finish when I reach the goal on the part of the lesson that I was fix me generally around 1h 00 – 2h 00 PM.

For Fridays I work around 10h 30 AM at 11h 30 – 12h 00 PM, the fridays I baking the afternoon before fridays it for big cake same that other days it’s more little things.

About my lessons:

At the end of each lesson I have a homework at send for correction, by advance I fix me when I want send the homework and what day I work this or this part of lesson.


At this time I managed at stay in my planning for the first homework I send it the day that I had planned, Here I finish the second lesson and I planned to send the seconds homework tomorrow in my planning.

In October I’m fixed one big goals despite this special month with the retirement of my dad and my sick mom ( not planned this ) of send two homeworks in the month. For the first I planned one month for all work the first lesson and send the first homework but I saw that I can managed more fast and one more I add the fridays morning too, so I fix me this big goal for October at this time I’m in my planning, I have planned of send one homework tomorrow and one the end of October.

Lunch box:

I love my lunch box prepare my lunch in advance because that make me a little break of eat   right now and not count and weigh before eat because it’s count and weigh in advance. It’s a good little break that I love it. I love watch too a little episode of 7 th Heaven with.


Some questions:

Is what I like to do this formation? Yes, actually and since I started I love.

Is what stress of managed my homeworks? Yes, so much.

My favorite parts of this days where I work? Learn new things and my lunch box.

Is what I have new goals for next months? No, at this time I’m not fix other new goals, I would see the next months.

Pssst: my first note. 17/20. Received yesterday by mail.


So at this moment I managed at follow my goals at see for the next months.

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