Update drugs {05.16.2017}

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It’s a little drugs update today.

My drugs has not really changed these last years. These last weeks I try to stop my drugs principal and secondary. My drugs are Lamictal and Alprazolam.

Lamictal is a treatment that I had started in October 2015 for Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms. When I started I was at 25mg in December 2015 I was at 150mg for tried to find help inside this drug and YEAH! He helps me but cause of side effects (eczema) that was very much important I went down and around April 2016 until around May 2017 I was and stay all time at 50mg, OK, since few months I don’t know if the drug helps me again in Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms, after a event that gives me in a big rage during few days I understand that helps me not really so much, after long month of excited if I go down or I stop it completely, I decided already to try to down at 25mg for see if my Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms change I’m with 25 mg since 3 weeks, the Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms have not so much changed. In despite to this going down my side effets eczema have not changed I have always so much same more. OK, at this day I stay at 25mg and I will see if in the futur weeks I stop it completely or not.

Alprazolam is a treatment that I started cause some so much big anxiety in january I started at 0,25mg then 0,50mg then 0,75mg and sometimes I went at 1,25mg daily, actually and since I take always, I try to stop it slowly but it’s so much hard I have so much anxiety and a of my big problem is my ocd, OMG, I’m clearly crazy, I try to take only 0,25mg in the days cause I know that it’s a drug on the short time but I must take it. I try to not take it the time before for sleep because at this time of the day I have not really need. I Trying to down and take only 0,25mg by day I have clearly thoughtful what time the day I need the more I selected it’s most around middle of morning at the evening time. I take generally around 10H00 AM and if I can and anxiety permitted I take it only around 01H00PM for hold until the evening.

Atarax for sleep but after few nights this drug is inefficacy.

Lamictal for Borderline Personality Disorder and Alprazolam for Anxiety.

See bellow about my Borderline Personality Disorder.

About My Borderline Personality Disorder.

This little update drugs.


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