Travel Essentials For Fight my Anxiety

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Since few years, I discovered the love for traveling. I never really traveled outside of France again, I never really traveled when I was a kid, it’s only since 3 years that I travel, at this time it’s more in France and soon I would like traveling around the world, discovered new country, culture,…


Travelling is not the best deal when you have anxiety disorders… but I want to fight my anxiety limits for traveling.

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The other day, I posted this quote on my Instagram account and I had a lot of positive messages, thank you so much for your sweet words. I love this quote in my every day life but again more when I talk about traveling.


Trip after trip, I tried to found a comfort zone in travel. Gradually during my trips, I started to understand on what way was more directed my anxiety and I could found the best solutions, not for delete them (I did not manage again) but for fight them and feel myself more comfortable during the travel. The comfort for facing life and my mental disorders is something of necessary for me in daily life and in travel, I need it also for could enjoy my trips. The hotel room, decorations,.. are the first deal when I start to booking a trip, I search the best hotel in Booking website and watch a lot of photos for find if I can feel myself comfortable where not in this place. It’s my first deal to feel myself comfortable in a travel. Second step when I pack, it’s to take my favorites and comfortable clothes, to have my favorites clothes in traven are a help for find comfort and fight my anxiety.


I have these two needs for fight my anxiety on travel and I have few accessories that I take always on little or big travel, plane or train, ski or beach for feel myself comfortable and the comfort helps me to fight my anxiety.

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ID TagsI feel more at ease when I have ID Tags in my suitcases same when it’s not really necessary, and since that I bought Erin Condren, I can’t travel without.


Power BatteryIt was the best idea when I decided to buy a power battery for take it on trips. I have the mine since only one year and she saved me few times. The last time, it was when my plane was delayed of 5 hours on my first solo trip, without my power battery, I would not have been able to saw new instructions of the airline company, call my parents for tell informations,… I find absolutely necessary to take a power battery, particularly for airport or gare station waiting but also when I’m out of the hotel all complete day. I took always a lot of photos or use gps, that’s use a lot of battery so could to recharge it, it’s good. The best necessary.


Pillow CoverPillow cover is my power battery to myself. When I can I take with me my blanket and pillow, on big trips or when the luggages are not too much narrow but when I use just a carry-on I took my pillow cover from my pillow that I use every day and that I sleep every night with. It’s really complicated if I do not have this during traveling for give myself comfort, I just need to snuggle with.


CardiganIf you are like me, you have all time chilly, even during a summer trip, to have all the time with you in your luggage or carry-on a cardigan, it’s a good thing. I take always a sweet and comfortable cardigan, like that I can snuggling inside and to find comfort.


Travel OrganizerSince that I use a travel organizer, it’s just more easy to traveling, if you follow my blog since a time you know already that I’m an organizer person and this thing is absolutely perfect, to have all your boarding pass, documents, credit cards, identity papers,… in the same place,  it’s just so more easy at the airport.


EarphonesI use it for listening to music but not only, I can use it for take a break from the world, from noise, from my family. All that!

I know I have 21 years old but I take also always my bear stuffed animal with me, I sleep every single night with him at home and I take it with me all time in travel.


Guys, what are your travel essentials for fight your anxiety during a travel?

Let’s see my post how I pack for a trip. here.



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