Thursday Things

Today, I decided to mix two posts, a life lately plus few things of spring that make me want.

I start with few of my things for spring.

This grey bottom/trouser, since few times I wanted a grey trouser and I decided that for this spring it was time.

The days are not very hot at this time, I like this color for a spring pull.

I’m in reflection for some Toms’s Shoes.

I need of a new sunglasse pair and this is that I prefer.

I want a little green plant.

Life Lately part week.

Last thursday, I finished my big personalized egg’s easter.

Friday, I baked and a photoshoot of a Lemon Cheesecake.

Friday night with NCIS.

Saturday morning, I tried to eat this Kinder Bueno, I like the taste but too hard to eat for my tooth problems.

Tea and Chocolat Fondant on Saturday and Tuesday.

Hawai 5-0 night on Saturday.

Sunday morning I stayed in my pj’s and watched a little Monk.


I not managed to eat yogurt these times but saturday at grocery I founded and chosen this types and I manage a little more with these.

Smoothie time.

Sunday, I voted for the second time in my life and second tour of French Presidential Election.

This is the very first that I followed a Presidential night on TV cause it was my first Presidential Right to vote, it’s stressful, excited at the last seconds to wait the futur for the country.

Emmanuel Macron.

There are only few days of school this month.

Nutella Dog.

My big day Tuesday (recap with my “A day in the Life” post).

Yesterday, dinner outdoors with the sun.

Yesterday night, I watched two episodes of Modern Family Season 2.

I finish with this new: Modern Family is renewed for Season 9 & Season 10 and I’m happy for that, I do not wanted that the Tv Show stops.

This was a mix of spring few things and a life lately post.


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