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Okay, tomorrow I have a special post, I could not to do my regular simple friday favorites and thursday it’s reserved to my life lately (a little review of my week). I decided to do a this and that post where I could mix my life lately of this week and add my favorites of these last weeks. Okay in first time depression was less here but I had a lot of anxiety attacks these last times,… a bad psychiatrist visit,… baking, pumpkin, lego, books, coloring, tv shows, halloween movies are full my week.

I received my new 2018 planner from Erin Condren and I love it… he is full, a lot of stickers, of few stuffs for help you to organize you.

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I’m a building games obsession since my child building games are my favorites, I bought me and buildings this “Winter Toy Shop” from Lego, I love it it was so cool.

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Read in my bed is a favorite too.

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Now, I drunk a lot of Hot Chocolates.

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I love passing my time to coloring my NY Giant poster and listening sometimes in the same time.

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I watched few Halloween movies this week and on saturday in the beginning afternoon I watched in  the night “the dog who saved Halloween” a of my favorite Halloween movie.

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When I want to do selfharm and if I wear stripes pullover, I don’t now why I want less to do it. I love this pullover.

IMG 3725 - This & That.

This is the season and pumpkin is here, in a lot of things, decorations, food, tv, thinking.

IMG 3411 - This & That.

On Friday night, I watched two new NCIS season 14 episodes during buildings Lego and eat Pumpkin bread.

IMG 3847 - This & That.

Coloring a lot.

IMG 3801 e1508424650240 - This & That.

On saturday night was Monk and Lego building.

IMG 3848 - This & That.

It’s just a Pumpkin Chocolate Chips bread photoshoot.

IMG 3779 e1508406589472 - This & That.

I cooked three times this week, my Triple Chocolate Muffins.

IMG 3010 - This & That.

A sunday morning on a building Lego.

IMG 3851 530x398 - This & That.

On Sunday night, I watched the first time Hocus Pocus, ok, seriously I didn’t really liked but this a Halloween movie type.

IMG 3875 e1508405869481 - This & That.

Monday a Hot Chocolate from Starbucks after my psychiatrist visit. My psychiatrist visit was really not good, I not managed to talk, my psychiatrist too does not talk a lot and there is a break now with holiday in France.

IMG 3883 - This & That.

Autumn leaves photography.

IMG 3803 - This & That.

Just playing in front of camera with leaves because this is the season.

IMG 3805 - This & That.


This is on this Fall touches that my this and that post is wrapped for a mix of life lately and friday favorites. See you tomorrow for a special post.



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