Things that are: Cozy

So, today, I wanted so much talk about one of my very favorite thing. Cozy.


It’s November and cold weather outside with a air of christmas. All time of the year it’s a need of cozy but between now and april, it’s perfect for all about cozy in my world. I learned with my borderline personality, atypical anorexia, depression, anxiety or minimalism life style that you need absolutely of found a cozy space in this life. Cozy calm my swing moods of borderline, give a little reassurance when I’m in a depression side or in anxiety attacks.

Lights, socks, ugg, blanket, hot chocolate and time to be COZY.


Here are a few things making my WORLD cozy…

My bed and my blanket are THE BEST in the list, I do a lot of things on my bed others that sleep like work, watching videos, movies, lego… my BLANKET I have her a lot with me, sleep, cold, watching movies/tv shows etc… Just such a ENORMOUS TIME with me.

Drink a Hot Chocolate is just something of cozy, the best with a blanket and a movie, BEST.

Snuggles with my cat is so cozy.Cold, warm blankets, hot chocolate, cozy nights, lights… COZY!!!

My carpet is something of cozy, I love sit on, I love watching on, I love coloring on,…

Wear a sweater a something of COZY, oh yeah!

When you are outside it’s more difficult for found COZY things but not impossible!!! Wear a comfort scarf, a comfort vest,… and my UGG are the best for have a comfort thing with you when you are outside of home and it’s cold. Bonus: the UGG keep warm your feet. PERFECT!!!

Elsewhere this year I bought me UGG slipper and they are so soft and comfort for walk in home.


A… minute.

It’s not all, it’s not my alone COZY things.

Now for COZY things, it’s time for watching christmas movies, listen christmas and holiday musics, read a book with my blanket, making a game, making puzzles, bath bombs or bubble baths, watching tv shows. In the morning for cozy thing, I love wear a soft pajama vast.

Pajamas are a best cozy thing, on the evening I speed for take my shower just after dinner for put my pajama. Seriously, I do not want pass my all day in pajamas except exceptions but the evenings coming I speed for put my pajama. A BEST OF NIGHT. this was the last piece.

And we have talking of these things that give cozy.

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