These last few days… SCHOOL {2017}

These last few days, wrapped the last day of school inside, so I want to do a post about these days.


Before that, a little view of my school posts during the year; Back to School: EditionFirst Day of School 2016Update Homeschool, and my May Planning where I changed a little my school planning that the rest of the year school.


In this year I followed a photography formation and I’m proud of me cause I managed to follow her all long of the year despite of many problems and with a insecurity departure cause my focus problems.

img 3817 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

I wrapped the last day of thursday of school with a picture…

my MacBook in my hands, I worked with him during all year, this was my first work tool I learned my lessons with him and I love it like companion for work. IT IS THE BEST.

img 3831 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

After lunch on Friday, for dessert I ate a Ice Cream.

img 3833 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

During afternoon I watched Here I am, this is a Tv Show Disney Channel that I loved during my teen age and these time I wanted watch again.

img 3836 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

Late in the afternoon the sun was here the weather enough hot I decided to try to go in spa a little, I started by put my leg inside only and later I decided…

img 3839 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

to put my swimsuit and my entire body, in short with just my leg inside I haven’t cold but complety inside, Yes I had! I’m not stay long time about 15 minutes, it was too cold. BONUS; I discovered that my swimsuit is too taller since last summer, Yes! after summer I had again lost weigh but not so much but like he was already taller last year this year it’s worst.

img 3890 - These last few days... SCHOOL {2017}

Saturday afternoon, I ate a Oreo ice cream Cone, rather that ice cream not the cone, drunk a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie; inside my blanket cause it was cold and I wanted more comfort.


These last days are a Recap of my last day of school 2017 inclued, in this formation I love it work, I learned and consolidated lots of my knowledge, I had high notes, I fixed goals myself hours for work days for work in the week, I had a planning, I loved that, it’s a really good thing to have a planning.


This was a little last few days post.




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