Sun, water and hot day with skin problems

img 2744 - Sun, water and hot day with skin problems

There is few weeks, I did a post for show my Skin Problems and few days after I did a post about Skin Products that I use for my Skin Problems.

A summary my skin problems are eczema and ichthyosis.

Now, I do a post how I manage my Skin problems with the sun, the water and hot days.

I want this post today, simply cause these days the weather has a little better 25°C, the sun is here but I confess, I don’t know if it is cause of my low weight but I have always cold same with 25°C. I see the others persons in the streets in shorts and t-shirts me can’t.

The SUN:

Everybody need to put sunscreen when us expose at sun but with eczema it is necessary to quadruple the doses. Actually, the sun is a good thing for my Mental but for my Skin really not particularly with my actual treatment drugs: Lamictal. I tried to put more doses creams, on the part body where the eczema is intense but it is useless.


“Ho, water it’s a big story between you and me”, the fact with Ichthyosis Skin Disorder, I must put cream always in the seconds are follow where I touch water. It’s really not easy for public spaces with water, etc… despite of that I look forward that of when I could go in the spa outside, it’s at home and I’m only when I go, so, it’s more easy for put creams when my skin is dry but if I leave it drying only, all parts of skin dry not at the same time and one part is dry, it’s hurt me the part, I can’t let me dry in the sun after to have been in the water. I dry myself with towel right now after been out the water.


Hot days, the difficult is put all time cream, so, that in hot day you are warm and you are sweat, the two are not a good mix.

A post of how a person with skin problems feel, in the sun, in the water, and in hot days.


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