Now that trip to Nice is past beginning september and it’s cooler days here I decided to do a report of this summer with 5 hard and 5 good things.

First: hard things

#5 My problems skin cause of my medication ( with Lamotricine and hot day I have some eczema plaques outward )

#4 Feel psychologically bad when I started new increase calories goals

#3 Trip of Summer vacation

#2 Vacation = Less appointment with my psychiatrist.

#1 Terror attack at Nice.

Good things

#5 PSYCH is come back in TV in France for some weeks no longer same very short time but it was good ( I’m sad that it was no longer but now there is Monk who is come back, I hope that PSYCH come back fast ).

#4 Cook my Raspberry Yogurt Chocolate Chip bread, my Kiwi Chocolate chip bread.

#3 This summer I had some new clothes that I love it

#2 New goals Calories.

#1 Trip to Nice.

This is Summer 2016 Recap.

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