That it is a thing in my life.


For the last years, before last october with my depression I did not want go outside, I prefer stay inside in my room down on my bed. I did not sleep all time when I was on my bed, I was thinking to the bad/negative things. I wanted nothing to did just stay on bed.


Actually and since which my dad is at retirement and my mom on sick leave, she has few medical visit in the weeks and I want go always (almost) with them. I did not want anymore stay in my bed, I prefer go outside even for stay in waiting room during my mom is in visit. I want more feel the air from outside, the wind, the cold weather, the rain. When I go outside I don’t want a big special thing but I prefer stay outside. A thing which I do not like on a other side it is the transition between the car and outside because I’ve put things (hearphone, etc…) in my pockets’ vests and I’m feel not good but bad at this moment. I want often walk currently.


 Stay inside or outside what big question for me, go outside and walk it’s more healthy.

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