Skiing and Mental Health

skiing and mental health - Skiing and Mental Health

Monday and yesterday, I did the recap of my snow trip from last week, days 1 & 2days 3 & 4.

I did for the first time in my life ski. On my birthday, I did for the first time ice skating… after this first experience I told myself that I wanted try to do ski, I felt so good after ice skating and I wanted the experience of ski.

I felt a lot of GOOD things during I skied but my first most important thing and that thanks to ski I understand why I live always with anxiety in my life.

The best thing in ski and of feel the sliding sensation and thanks to this sledding sensation I understand why I have always anxiety in my life… when I accelerated in the run I loved but I could not prevents myself of reduce speed but I understood at this moment that if I have always some anxiety in my life it’s because I’m in fear to no longer have control on my life… so I have always some anxiety and ocd for stop the avancement in my life and have more of control on and maybe reduce the pain of what could happen on difficult things in my life (and especially that).

I feel so awesome to have discovered that and why I have always anxiety in my life.

IMG 0374 - Skiing and Mental Health

IMG 0366 - Skiing and Mental Health

Aside that light that I felt when I skied, I felt also that some good things in skiing and particularly a thing of “freedom” and of “independence”, I felt with like if all my depression is out of me, I clearly loved skied and I want again more, I could like to do at least a ski trip every year. Now, I want include ski in my life.


I think the ski is a good activity for peoples with mental disorders… outside the ski, to be in mountain, in a space with big fresh air and beautiful views also. I think that could be a activity and help for peoples with disorders like; borderline personality disorder, depression, suicidal ideas, self harm, bipolar, etc.


Feel a sensation of freedom in ski is awesome.

That’s wrap my feelings between my ski experience and mental health. Have you ever done ski with your mental disorders?… What did you have feelings?



  • Reply bpdbloggerwithkids January 25, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    I love to snowboard. It is definitely a freeing feeling and helps me to relax. I’m glad you enjoyed skiing!

    • Reply Mix Borderline and Anorexic - Mental Health January 25, 2018 at 11:19 pm

      Thanks for sharing your feelings with me😊

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