Now, it’s the end of September and I decided to do a recap food of this month the good and bad things of September about food.

Somethings about food of September

September has beginning with a trip so with fears for not control all I eat.

In September, I started a food photography planning because I love photography and I decided to use for try news food.

In September, I tried some new food also, some was a success and other no.

On the trip to September,

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I ate food with fears by moment, particularly because I couldn’t count and weigh food I ate but me too but I managed I ate food as crêpes, pasta etc but I couldn’t finish plates I had so fears and my stomach do not support him.

After the trip to Nice and come back home, I was happy of regain my favorite actually breakfast ( cereals, yogurt and milk ).


Back home and to had ate crêpes nutella in Nice, I try eat nutella on a toast one or two times but since I do not again eat.

In the airport at Nice I buy a Skittles paquet that I ate during one week after trip before to had finish but this is my first candy paquet since lots of months.

In September and since I’m back to school, I love make my lunch box on Tuesday and Thursday.

With my new food photography planning I try and love some new food, I love make and eat my Yogurt Chocolate Chip, my Apple Cinnamon Bread, my Chocolate chips Cookies or my Apple Cinnamon Cookies, my Cuncumber Cheese Sandwich or recently I try a recipe of Pancake Muffins Chocolate Chips bites and it’s so good I love it so much, I do it this afternoon again.

Here is new food that I do not make me but that I eat and I love that I buy in shop.

The laughing cow Natural

Yogurt in Tubs, I love it it’s small because normal yogurt ≈ 120 g it’s so big for my stomach with this it’s 40 g by tubs and generally I eat two tubs whether 78 Kcal.

I eat wraps now too not alone slices of American Sandwich, I use it particularly for my Lunch Box with 8 g Of Chicken Rillette and 10 g of a slice of white chicken with 16 g of Laughing cow. Yes, I know it’s small pieces but I love it and it’s already a good and new thing for me like a few food.

Food I try but I can’t eat

I try ham but I can’t eat expect with the sandwich from the gare station.

I do not have tried other food that I can’t eat.

Some others notes about food of September

I do not eat lots of Prince of Lu since middle of September as beginning September or August.

I eat always Ice Cream Cookie Dough.

I eat too wholemeal sandwich bread now.

I love always toasts.

I start eat Apples and fall Food.

This is September Recap Food.


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