Rice and Beef Plate

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Ok! This is a very simple meal, I love the taste of mix between Rice and Beef. Before I can’t eat Rice cause fears of Calories which could may be weight gain and Beef by disgust, thanks to Sloppy Joe who gives me love a little for the first time beef and this Rice and Beef Plate gives me also a little more love in Beef on the other hand at this time I can eat beef just in minced.


This Recipe is for a plate, multiple dosages of number of plates that you want if you want for more plates.


2 or 3 Ingredients alone (depending of your flavor that you want): if you have them you are ready for the recipe.




160g Rice.

70g minced Beef.

Tomato Sauce (in tube it’s better.) Optional.


Liquid Margarine for cook.




Cook the rice like indicated on the paquet.

On a other side about 5 minutes that the rice finish to cooked, in a stove take a little of liquid margarine and with a paper recover a little the bottom of her.

When the stove is hot, put the minced Beef inside, stir regularly and cook during about 2 minutes.

After to had hill the Rice.

Place the rice on the plate for serve.

Add on the top of Rice the minced beef.

Add a little of Tomato sauce, if desired for more taste.


It’s Ready.


That’s a simple, easy, fast and mInimal meal.


Rice and Beef Plate post.



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