Today, it’s time for Recovery post n°2 but seriously I not wanted really to do cause I’m not at the recovery state that I will like at this date but I had say that I will do it ;so; I do it I would have hoped that I will be better.

Teeth 2, I have a bandage at the teeth again, she is scary me, I can’t eat on then I can’t eat on teeth 1, sometimes I hurt I don’t know, ANXIOUS!

The care was the 30th March.

So, I go describe what I did the day before, the day on the care and the day after a little for the follow it’s I can’t eat on.

I start with the day before.

This day I had decided to wash my blanket.

In afternoon, I ate a CREAM BALL Choco.

In return at home I have decided to drink a Vanilla Milkshake.

For dinner a piece of Bun’s Bolo.

A tea in living room at night.

Go to bed around 10H30PM.

The day of

I have the day in front of me cause I had time at 04H30PM.

Started with breakfast around 08H30AM.

Get dress and I put my T Shirt with USA Flag (as for the first time but I had forget to take a photo).

Tried to work in the morning outside with the SUN.

Lunch mashed potatoes and very little pieces of cabillaud.

Working try to re-learn to chew: I use bread crumb and Nutella, at the same time as that I don’t lost weigh.

After it was time to put my favorite inspiration stronger girl on my lock screen as for the first time.

Take Alprazolam 0,75mg.

And left home at 03H30.

I had no time to took pictures just this one in waiting.

Back home around 06H30PM and work, play, watch with my Mac on the living room’ sofa in add my blanket fresh and my sweet plush polar bear. I was back home with less of pain that the first teeth but so much psychological trouble state.

No ate dinner but these two around 8H30PM.

Time bed at 10H00PM with all my favorites stuffs for comfort.

The day after.

Try to ate breakfast.

Little iPad play time Dots.

Finished to send a homework at my teacher.

Lunch: mashed potatoes.

A little Viennois Chocolat yogurt.

The night at took a (15mnS) Bubble Bath.

This is a little view of these days around this care.

Always! I can not stop Alprazolam I have so much fears.

Recovery #2 is here but if frankly I wanted no to did it.

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