Last thursday, I talk of a dark secret.

After a long time without, the 7 March I had my first dentist care; a root canal.

In the other I say that I will talk of my recovery psychological and physical.

Ok, in this post today, I go talk of my recovery psychological and physical of my first care.

A BIG thing, I’m always in recovery on the two side after 1 month for the first teeth and almost 15 days for the second teeth.

I start with the day (evening) before, the day in photos where I had the care.

Around 05H00PM I drunk a hot chocolate.

These times stressful I was sit on the sofa in living room, around and a cat come doss with me.

Special, I don’t know, why! but this day this was the first time since long time that in the month I use complety my phone package in 4G.

Before bed, I drunk a another hot chocolate because I wanted.

I went in bed, stressful for next day, Alprazolam was of rigor.

The day

Wake up and a hot chocolate for breakfast, just him.

Around 09H30AM, I ate a yogurt with my antibiotic.

I passed the morning on sofa in living room with blanket, I played a little with my ipad.

For lunch was tomatoes soup.

I passed the afternoon on sofa again, a little before get ready for start I drunk a hot chocolat.

I took 0,75mg d’Alprazolam, go in car at visit I leaves home around 5H00PM.

I change rarely my screen lock but for this day I put my favorite little girl which give force for go head in the life.

Just one photo I took this when I left at 07H00PM.

In car for come back home with pain.

I had no ate for dinner but in sofa the night.

Around 09HPM I try to ate a yogurt with a anti pain.

Played with ipad with pain.

I went to bed around 11H00PM with pain.



Day after (8 March).

Wake up around 08H00AM with pain, I tried to eat breakfast, this a little.

Next thing 1 hour after I tried to eat a yogurt with anti pain.

In the morning, I searched a thing to did for occupy my mind other that my teeth pain.

I’m stayed in my Pj’s all day almost.

Tried mashed potatoes for lunch with anti pain.

After little by little in the day the pain was go down.

In afternoon my parent was go out and I can’t alone at home, I went with.

I asked for stop at KFC for try to eat a cream ball, very hard one more with the cold.

My parents are out anywhere and me in car in trying to sleep with Alprazolam.

Tomato soup and little after a yogurt for dinner.

A hot chocolat before bedtime in living room.

Around 10H00PM bed.

Always with my sweet blanket for a little of recomfort.

The days after again was a little same that this.

Always with Alprazolam ( at this day again ).

This is a little view of my days around this first care.

For the psychological state is FEAR of eat on the teeth, I can’t always today, I can’t brush her also.

Always in recovery.

Next wednesday I will post on my recovery teeth 2 (always in reco, today again).

This is Recovering #1 from my talk of my dark secret.


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