Random Of Pictures.

Today, I have a random & assortiment of picture of my week.

This past week, I was always bad and in my depression… a lot of christmas is around me, I deep again more in christmas spirit, my big help with the depression low that I’m inside. If me I have put my Christmas Decorations in my room since the mid-november, my parents put the their in the rest of home this week… I have helped them beside some big anxiety.

A place for work.

IMG 7394 e1512643190580 - Random Of Pictures.

I choose to take a hot chocolate outside of home or starbucks sometimes and this one on last friday was intense in cacao and good.

IMG 7415 e1512643177150 - Random Of Pictures.

I’m null for wrapping but I LOVE wrapping… it’s like that.

IMG 7431 e1512643145325 - Random Of Pictures.

NCIS on friday night.

IMG 7472 e1512643119850 - Random Of Pictures.

Opening the first window this was this week that the Advent Calendar has started.

IMG 7579 1 e1512643073256 - Random Of Pictures.

Just christmas hot chocolate.

IMG 7592 e1512643058146 - Random Of Pictures.

A cat and a christmas tree.

IMG 7557 e1512643091657 - Random Of Pictures.

Monday I had my psychiatrist visit, oustside the visit with my psychiatrist, it was cool to go outside in cold weather and see christmas trees, decorations,… in the streets of the city of my psychiatrist office.

IMG 7627 e1512643021517 - Random Of Pictures.

Starbucks just after with a hot chocolate.

IMG 7636 e1512642970755 - Random Of Pictures.

The other day, I was in my room upstairs and my cat comes slowly in crying for have a lot of snuggles… I took advantage with her for take some christmas photoshoot.

IMG 7695 530x398 - Random Of Pictures.

Almost very nights a christmas movies, sometimes during the days too.

IMG 7002 e1512036979565 - Random Of Pictures.

It is on that, my not very good life lately is closed.



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