Pinterest – A Anorexia Help

I don’t know if I’m alone and it’s may be cause for Recovery of Anorexia and Loving food I use Food Photography, see my post How I found Love in Food here, OH! Dear Pinterest you, yes, you! You are so helping me for Recovery from Anorexia…With you I can search beautiful pic who can give me wanted to try these same things for eat and Recovery. Pinterest is a very big Deal!


Search, Click, Organize, Pint, Eat, Take Photographs,… HELP!!!

Boards, organize, for Meals, Desserts, Breakfast, Winter, Summer (is in preparation).

How cute these little Mini Fruit Pizzas give want to eat them, BONUS; fruits are Healthy.

How these beautiful Mint Chocolate Cupcakes give want to eat them and Take my own Photoshoot with them.

Some things with a lots of calories for encounter fears of Calories.

Healthy Breakfast.

A lots of ideas and mix in all meals for found thing who give a want to eat.


PINTerest that’s help for found food that I want in love.


Pinterest, in Anorexia Recovery Help post.


I finish this post with a Praying for London.



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