PHOTOS 101: Take better photos with her Iphone

Two months ago, I started this monthly post: PHOTOS 101; a post where I talk of a subject special, see above what I will talk what month.


This month it was planned on 12 July but in this week I stopped temporary of blogging because I was on Family Vacation, so, I decided to post today.

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Subject Today is…Take better photos with her Iphone.


The IPHONE is generally always with us, my first fonction of a Iphone is for call but take photos Is the second. In a bag, pocket he is perfect for take daily photos where the regular moments who necessary to take a rapidly photos.


He is not a PRO camera.


Few Tips can to give a Pro ressemblance Photos.


#1 Place the subject in light place.

The natural light is the perfect ally for take clear, light and beautiful Photos.


#2 You can use grid for place better you subject.

If you have some problems with composition, use the grid for better place the subject, the perfect place for a subject is on strong points.


#3 Do not use the flash

Worst enemy of Iphone Photos, do not use the flash same in a dark place (like night) took without flash and try to edit in post-treatment the light of the Photos, rather.


#4 Do not use the Zoom

Do not use the Zoom bring at maximum of the subject but again once time “Do not use the Zoom” the photo will be not clear if not.


#5 Use a reflector

Use a reflector if you can that will be remove the unwanted shadow.


#6 Open clutter

My first type was to place the subject in light place, ok, open clutter when you are in a room with clutter for left pass the light.


#7 Use the rapidly settings on Iphone

The rapidly with just a touch on screen of camera, above for more light and below for more dark, can be good for simple light problem.


#8 Do not forget to the edit touch position on screen

Simple touch with a finger use the square for to do the perfect edit on the subject that you take on Photos.


Actually this is my best companion for take Photos, Iphone, rapid and clear with just these few rules you can take awesome Photos.


Photos 101: Take better photos with her Iphone.


See you tomorrow for CORSICA 2017 Days 3 & 5 Vacation Recap.




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