PHOTOS 101: Photograph with Sun

Few months ago I started this monthly post: PHOTOS 101. A post where I talk of a subject special, see above what I will talk what month.


This post was normally planned on 16 August but I took a break last week, so, he’s for today.


My previous photos posts:

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Subject Today is…Photograph with Sun.


Normally, the sun must be behind the camera but the sun can be in front of camera and play to put the sun in the photo can gives awesome photography. I love play to put the sun in front of camera. My favorite utilization of sun in front of camera and for beach sunset…

…, I love use sun for take silhouettes photography.


Best setting for photograph a sunset and of turn down ISO.

Best setting for photograph a silhouette and of increase ISO.


With the sun I love take Borderline Emotions in Photography.


That’s Photos 101: Photograph with sun.




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