PHOTOS 101: Packing my camera bag

Today, I start a new regular monthly posts: PHOTOS 101; during the next six months I go talk of a subject about Photo, you can see upper what I will talk what month.

Last month I did a post about my organization with photographs, this post does not belong of this new posts series; but he could. (You can see it here).

This post is dedicated to Packing my camera bag.

We could start right now.

I have three ways for packing my camera.

I have two special camera bags.

This bag come from Jo Totes, I love use it for when I take my camera outside of home but not too far, when I go photograph sometimes around my city, he is big, I can take my camera with my 18-135mm lens without remove her, I take also my other lens if my first has a problem, sunshine, battery etc BONUS, I can take my MacBook or iPad and others arrangement for little things.

My second bag and my very first bag that I had use is from Canon, this one I use particuarly when I travel, more little that the first, I can take it in my suitcase for take it with me in plane, easy at get out the camera at security control, I put my camera with my lens, my other lens, sunshine, battery, and few very little spaces for SD card example.

A very little bag, most for travel that the one.

I use also a other solution when I’m on travel almost, when I go out for a full day, walk, beach, visit, I take a simple bag pack for more comfort cause it’s sometimes onerous of all take, when I need just of my camera I wrap her around with just a towel for save some moves may be violent and I put directly in the bag pack for easy for walk a long time that with the two others bags, I use this technique when I’m on a trip.

This is my types for pack and try keep in saves my camera in the bags.

The first post of my new series monthly.



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