PHOTOS 101: How I edit my photos

Last month, I started a new regular monthly posts: PHOTOS 101; during the next six months I go talk of a subject about Photo, you can see upper what I will talk what month.

PS: This post was planned for O6/14 but I turn on 06/13.

My previous photos posts:

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This post, today, is dedicated to How I edit my photos.


I use differents techniques for the differents devices.

I edit Food photos (a few others) on my MacBook for that edit I use all simply Photos.

My mainly, most, daily photos that I take with my Iphone are edit with Snapseed, before I used Afterlight for Iphone but I switch for Snapseed instead.

I’m minimalist, my favorite types of photos are clearly, light, and minimalist.

Here is go my proceed with Snapseed.



My first step and to crop the photo, if it’s necessary, I can let in Original photos Format or change the format for square or a other.

My second step is the brightness.

My step third is the ambience, if I want change a little.

My fourth step is the structure, I use for very dark photos and.

I can use for write also above.


My travel photos are edit took is with my Iphone with Snapseed or if I took special Photoshoot Session with my DSLR, I transfer on my Mac and use Photos.


My favorite for edit a photo tool ever is the brightness, the photo can lack of light for so much reasons and my favorite photos are clearly, light, white, expect for some specials PhotoShoot Sessions.


I start to use Snapseed I use the option save on original for not to have duplicates photos beyond specials instance. HELLO, more Go on my Iphone!


These are my right away how I edit my photos on my differents devices.

Photos 101: How I edit my photos’s post.


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