Happy Halloween!

Today, it’s time for a food recap from my october month.

For start below my food goals for october ( post here ).

1- I will try to continue to rest at 1000 Kcal by day but I try too increase at 1200 Kcal by day without that I feel bad ( TRY ).

2- I will try to continue my Food Photography Planning too ( with fall and halloween food and other ), I don’t know if I managed because I feel bad when someone is at home when I cook because I don’t have encouragements on the contrary and at this moment I feel worthless.

3- I will try too continue to test at less one new food by weeks.

4- One other goal for October it is to try do not weigh at grams my breakfast during at less three days in a row.

5- Try do not weigh my meals sometimes, maybe lunch, dinner, snack, not all meals a row in a day but sometimes a meal in a day and maybe another meal some days after, at see when I’m not too of fears.

6- Try do not take in photos all I eat, actually I take photos of all I eat, really all, each meals, every single food I eat, try to do not take in photos all I eat just expecionnel food.

7- Do not weigh me during few days in a row.

Recap ( am I managed ? ): 

1- Yes and No, I’m rested at 1000 Kcal by day sometimes I do not eat more that 900 Kcal but it was rarely three in the month I believe. Sometimes I’m managed to be 1200 or same1400 Kcal but at this days I don’t really counted because as high it was when I ate something of very caloric ( same Nutella Waffle ), when I eat this I try of don’t count exactly calories but alone approximately. Sometimes I felt bad and sometimes no.

2- Yes, I’m managed same with my mom and dad at home, it was very hard, angoissant, depress but I’m managed.

3- Yes and No. One week I’m managed to eat one and more sometimes new food and one other week I did not managed because I didn’t found food that made me want. I ate of new; nutella, waffle, avocado and few others food.


4- I’m almost completely managed. I eat always the same breakfast ( 80 ml Milk, 30 g Cereals Special K Chocolat and 1 Petit suisse ), before I counted all expect the glasses of milk because I use always the same glasses or I traced a point until or I put milk. Since Tuesday 18th October in a row, I use always same glasses for milk, I weigh always the 30 g of Cereals BUT I did not weigh Petit Suisse, a victory not a big but a little.

5- Yes I’m managed, I ate some food ( expect the Petit Suisse from breakfast ) that I did not weigh before eat, other day I ate a Sub15 Italian Bread with some cucumber and Tuna from Subway and I did not weigh I did only estimate the grams. Sometimes I had fears and sometimes I did not have ( same for 1 ).

6- Yes I’m managed since approximately 18th same for the Petit Suisse from breakfast, I do not take all I eat in photos only exceptional foods.

7- No, I didn’t managed this. It’s too a reflex for calm my angoisses.

Other notes about October:

I ate regularly ( two times by week generally ) Nutella Waffle.


I start to drink hot chocolate.

I ate few Oreo Peanut Better.

I ate always a slice of American Sandwich cut in two or sometimes not cut, the other day I try ate two slices in one times but it was too for my stomach.

The two last weeks I change a little sandwiches in my lunch box.

For finish:

In october there have been some new success food entrance in my list ( Food that I can eat ), I love this new food. I didn’t managed I did not weigh me. I’m managed I eat without weigh before eat or just approximately sometimes with fears after and sometimes no. Now I did not weigh all foods in my breakfast just cereals. This month I’m managed as even few of my goals beacause I had fears with my first retirement month of my dad and my mom sick and at home.

This is october food recap.

November new goals on wednesday post normally.

Happy Halloween!


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