October Food In Review

Hi, it’s my October Food in Review today… October was a good and bad month with eating my favorites and tested some news.

See my october goals here.


Recap of what I managed or no.


1- Eat Fall things, yes, yes, I did it! I ate few fall things.

2- I ate chicken but not so much!

3- Hmmm! Yes and no for the “eat yogurts” not because anorexia or psychological problems with food but because I wanted eat others things rather that yogurts, it’s OK.


This month there have been a lot, lot of Triple chocolate muffins, fried eggs, smoked salmon, ravioli, pumpkin cakes, hot chocolates, potatoes balls but also few pancakes, chicken balls, m&m’s candy corn, yogurts.


Let’s see in photos now.

My big of this month, I ate a lot, lot of these Triple Chocolate Muffins that I love it for Breakfasts, Snacks, Desserts.

This month again.

I tried this recipe of Melt-in-your-mouth Pumpkin Cookies and I love it they are so sweet easy to eat.

I drunk one or two sometimes hot chocolate in a day.

I baked a lot of Pumpkin.

I ate twice this Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Bread.

I ate so much these Potatoes Balls and few I tried these Chicken Balls, I love them!

I ate a lot of noodles, I tried to make them become in orange color.

I tried, eat and loved these m&m’s candy corn, I loved put them in my Hot Chocolate also.

I wrap this post with conclusion… October was good I tested new things, I ate my favorites foods and bad too because there have been unsucess with some food but anxiety is again here but I can told that anorexia is not so much here.

That’s October Food in Review.


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