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This is a big problem of manage OCD at home when have you have got, when you go out of home during a big or little travel this is can to be a hell. OCD are for calm your Anxiety… you can to have in your comfort zone but it is normal that when you go out of your confort zone… they increase… but sometimes it can be the contrary on a travel OCD that you have at home it’s calm down… It’s my case… they did not disappear completely but they down.

I’m a OCD numbers, my OCD are not always to the same intensity, it’s in function of my Anxiety.

I couldn’t take a STOP with Anxiety because I’m go out of my comfort zone but with excitation of I haste to discovered new things that I want, I able to put a stop.


I think it’s in the fact that I’m excited of discovered new wanted things that my Anxiety are a little down and I managed to found a comfort zone on a travel.


My more stressful things can to give me Anxiety/OCD until hell are:


Airport Security Control

Lost Identity Papers or Tickets

Problem with booking

I have forgot my comfort zone things

Attack Terorist

Refuse to let go in somewhere for anyreasons.


All of these problems can mess a little my travel, why? because if you lost your Identity Papers you can not boarding in Airplane and it’s equal to ruined Vacation.
My airport security control fears are in fact to be trapped at security control for somereasons, this is why I love to be 3 hours before boarding in Airport, that calm a little my Anxiety but in real at security control I have no time to have OCD cause it’s so fast the passage that I have NO TIME.

I have often my Boarding Passes on my Iphone and in Papers if I lost one I can always in case where to have one form of Boarding Pass.

My almost only thing that continue to gives me OCD on a travel that I could not managed, it’s my thing it help me to have a comfort zone on a travel cause if I have not that for calm me when I need, I will be invade by my OCD and it could be a horrible Travel.


The biggest deal that I founded for manage my Anxiety on a travel is of found my little comfort zone special travel.

I took a cushion cover that I sleep always with at home and that I love, he is so sweet, I took also my bear plush that I have always with me at home… I know with that, the night I could calm my Anxiety and take strenght for launch a new appease next day with less of OCD as I down my Anxiety. A stressful period, I’m at hotel, I can also use it.

I put a time for founded my travel comfort zone but I finished by founded, it’s a travel big help!


I could say, when you have OCD for Travel with that it is necessary to found a comfort zone for take your Travel with more calmly.

I think, it is the biggest deal for to be able of manage OCD on a Travel…

… and that your OCD do not take the step on your Travel but that it is the Travel Adventures take the step on OCD, I believe then that Travel could be a good way for manage better during everyday life at home after.


OCD, NO!!! Travel Adventures with a OCD reduce, YES!!! My comfort zone the biggest thing for take a Travel!!!


I have always OCD on Travel but they are clearly down share to port at my daily life.




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