Today, it’s time for November recap food.

For start below a recap of my goals ( post here ).

Summary november goals:

1- Try stay always around 1000 Kcal a day ( up if I feel able ).

2- Not managed in october but to try in november again: didn’t weigh me during three days in a row.

3- Try again new food ( I do not have too ideas at this time ).

4- Continue eat Nutella Waffle without fears.

5- Try to respect my calendar extra with chocolate.

Recap ( am I managed ? ):

In November there is few good things.

1- It’s done that except yesterday.

2- It’s done too that, 15-16-17 November I’m not weigh in a row.

3- It’s done I try few new things.

4- I’m managed that.

5- So, this is not a success the first days I’m managed but arrived around 10 November some days I don’t eat and some days I had forgotten.

The three first week in November was more good that bad but the 10 last days is so hard psychological so it’s a problem for food too.

New tests:


So, for new food that I had test there is this pancakes for my breakfast on Thanksgiving day and few others morning, three times I had eat also for afternoon snack with Hot chocolate.


I had eat this Moricette with mashed tuna that I love.


I ate this Chocolate Chips Manala that I like.


Since I had test I have a obsession with a slice of American Sandwich with 8 g of Butter.


I had test this plate with mash potatoes and bribed fish, the mash potatoes I could ate without like but the fish it was impossible I had try of eat the half but I can’t the rest it was horrible.


I have eat this cheese sandwich with slices of cheese and slice of American sandwich, it’s special but slice of cheese it was a test and also because I rarely ate slices at the same time but it was a success.

I have ate tomato soup.


And for finish I had ate this m&ms without fear, this photo was on Thanksgiving or I ate few during a special Thanksgiving episode of Friends.

Others notes about November:

I drink always a lots of Hot Chocolate ( one by day ).

This month I have fed up of my daily breakfast since the beginning of August ( cereals, yogurt and milk. )

During November I had less fear of gain weight, always fear and when I eat somethings with lots of calories I eat less on others things of the day but I had little less fear.

For finish. 

This month was a success because I had more test new food that I love that I don’t love, I’m managed at not weigh me during three days in a row.

My food photography planning I have done less cause of break and I feel not able of to because my psychological state.

The calories I had count but less in the details.

This was November food recap.

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