NICE 2016

I’m so exicted about this post. Since Thursday afternoon, before I’m back home from my trip of 4 days in Nice ( France ).
With my parents us have decided of a little trip in Nice since May for the middle of August before but after the terror attack of 14th July 2016 we have cooled and we know if us most go there. In May the price of plane ticket there was expensive for the middle of August too. After lots of reflection we have find and decided of take a little trip between September 6th and September 9th 2016.

After ate my actually favorite breakfast ( Cereal, Yogurt and Milk & medication ).
At 8h00 in the morning Thuesday we leave the home for drive instead airport ( we have 30 minutes of road from home at airport ).

We had boarding at 9h30AM and take off at 10h30AM.

The flight during 50 minutes after landing around 11h30AM. When us was in the airport we had decided to take our lunch at the airport.
Me I ate a 3/4 of a Cookie Dough Sandwich for test ( I love so much Cookie Dough Ice Cream but Cookie Dough Sandwich, I don’t like so much, there is no Chocolate Chip inside ;( ). On the photo I had a Compote but I don’t ate.
Around 12h30PM we had leave the airport for Check In our Hotel.
We had two rooms, one for my parents and the other for me.
After Check In, us had take a little nap.

Around 02h30PM I ate 1 and half Prince of Lu & after I to do a little nap again.

Around 04h00PM we are get out from our hotel for the first time for ate one little Nutella crêpes.
On the photo on the top, I taked a photo before and one photo after I ate on all food that I ate because for remember me what portion I ate cause that I don’t weigh the food what I ate. I put one photo before & after for each meals & food I ate.

After crêpes we had walk in the street near our hotel instead La Promenade Des Anglais and instead the music kiosque where there is the memorial for victims of attack. On the memorial there is lots of toys for kids. ( There is some flowers and quotes on some metres on La Promenade Des Anglais ).
After that around 05h30PM we come back at our hotel.

We get out from hotel around 08h00PM for dinner.
It was at Quick look the two pictures above for see what I ate.
After dinner we had walked in the street again and sit in the blue chair of La Promanade Des Anglais.
We come back at our hotel around 09h30PM and tired.

Around 08h00 AM I ate my breakfast that I had take from home. One cereal bar with approximately 15cl of milk ( Yeah, I don’t had weigh over there ;( ).  I did not want ate breakfast from hotel because he’s so much expensive for that I eat and I couldn’t have better counting calories with cereal bar I know better Calories and I know too that it was something that I could eat ( I don’t know the food from hotel in advance ).
This pic with milk, cereal bar and medication was my breakfast from Wednesday instead Friday.

After breakfast and around 10h00AM we had a little trip at the beach for 30 minutes.

Around 11h30 AM I ate two Princes of Lu. ( This is a glasse of water ).

Around 01h00PM for lunch I ate a little of pasta.

In the afternoon we had a trip on a boat, lots of walk…

… & I ate 1/2 sugar crêpes around 05h00 PM.
After we come back at our hotel.

The night we get out for dinner I ate this⬆️.

After we had a lots of walk again for go to La Promenade Du Paillon with light. This was so beautiful the color it was blue, white, red France.
Around 10h00 PM we come back at our hotel with lots of walk after this was go to bed but before I ate 1/2 piece of Prince of Lu.
After breakfast…

… & I ate two Princes of Lu around 10h30AM.
We get out from hotel for walk istead Place Masséna for take train for a visit of the city.

After the visit in train we had ate our lunch at Starbucks Nice Étoile.

On the return from hotel I ate a little Soft Ice Cream.

Around 06h00PM we had drink a cocktail.

Come back at hotel after. And around 07h00PM get out for dinner.

& spending last time on La Promenade Des Angalais for the las time before come back at our hotel for take suitcase for leave the next morning.

After breakfast we had check out from hotel for go to the airport or I ate my lunch before boarding.

What the more hard thing: Can’t counting calories exactly & weigh.
What the most scary: Cross the road of La Promenade Des Anglais.
What the most sad: The memorial of attack.
What I took medication: My daily prescription & 50mg Anxiolytic before boarding.
What my favorite thing: Lights of La Promenade Du paillon.
I’m proud of me because I not took Anxiolytic in Nice but just before boarding, I managed without Anxiolytic despicte my fears.


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