This is a first time for me because I never did a list of goals in the beginning of the year I don’t know where this year will take me but I wanted to do this post, as a matter of fact I do not have lots of goals that I want to achieve, JUST ONE! but in reality it brings together lots of different things.


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Ok, my fears are lots of problems in my life for advance, in 2016 I was very successful for beat my fears never in only one year I had beat as far as of fears and I wanted a lots continue in this way.

The fears that I want most fight are those who prevent me to be independent.

Those who follows are not really my goals for the year but things that I would like arrive to do:

Love more food but stay at my actually weight.

Try to have a self-confidence.

Start really a bite in the photographer &/or audiovisuel profession.

Continue in my minimalist organization.

Here, my BIG and few things that I want realize in this year after its to see if and what I could to do all along of the year.

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