Minimalist Spirit

I don’t know when it’s started but this day to change my mode of life and it has become a big help for manage my Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms particularly when I’m angry/rage.

A day I decided to throw old school things cause my painful past of school with bullying I decided to try to take a new start and erase these years in throw all material; after that I feeled a feeling of liberation, and it’s from this day that I change gradually toward a minimalist spirit it’s about 4 years in back.

I started to throw useless things in my room until day where my room contains only the simple things and each objects to have his interest.

This change include also my very special decoration, colors for walls, floors, and furnitures. White, beige, blue pastel, wooden are my best.

Wherein this Minimalist Spirit change my way for manage my BPD!

Well, it’s simple, I realized that less there was of things around me when I’m in a feeling angry/rage cause of whatever, my feeling of angry/rage down more fast, more easy, more calm and with less of negative thinking.

To be in a Black place when you are Angry it will be more hard for calm, your Negatives or Black Ideas that if you are in White/Beige place it will be more easy to calm down or throw your Negatives/Black Ideas from you head.

Minimalist Spirit has been a change in my way for change and fight against Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms – not all I confess but particularly the Angry/Rage symptoms.

This Minimalist Spirit post.


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