Mini Raspberry Cheesecake

img 4184 - Mini Raspberry Cheesecake

They are perfect for little hunger and easy to do.


Recipe for 6 Cups of ≈333ml.




180g Spéculos.

36g Butter {melted}.

400g Heavy Cream.

260g Cream Cheese – room temperature).

360g Raspberries – fresh.

280g Powdered Sugar.




Mix in a Food Processor Spéculos with Butter – melted – until all is correctly combined.

Take 6 Cups and put 3 Tblps on the bottom of every ensure that all Cups are equals.

Mix Heavy Cream and Powdered Sugar with a Hand Electric Batter until soft.

Add and mix Cream Cheese – room temperature until it’s good.

Take 5 Tblps of mixture and put in each cups, ensure that it’s equal in all.

Let the bowl to side.

Add few Raspberries on the mixture.

Add again 5 Tblps of mixture on the Raspberries and ensure that it’s always again equals for the 6 Cups.

Add few Raspberries on the top for decorate.


Put in the fridge 1 hour until 49hour or retire of fridge when you are ready for serve it.


Little Dessert with these Mini Raspberry Cheesecake.






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