We are now in May the 2sd which means at 29 days of summer holidays and for these last days I want to do a planning different that the rest of year past.

I want these last days of school swing between study, challenge, watch Tv Show, sleep and baking.

This was my planning of work until last week.

Now I want study on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Watch Tv show as PSYCH, 7th Heaven that I do not have watch since few weeks now a little time on afternoons.

Challenge, I still have to see again.

Baking with photoshoot after on some afternoons (I could plan this week by week, in terms of what I want to do).

A special naps time on afternoons for to appease me.

Plus: If the weather permitted (not safe at this moment) I could try work outside in the backyard with sun and warmer weather.

Plans about Blogging:

I blogging of monday at friday of the weeks and I go add saturdays and sundays also where I put two recipes on the weekends, yeahh!

Ok a little change in my planner for these last days of school.



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