May Food in Review

! The month of May coming slowly to an end and it’s time of to do a May Food Review. I start with a little recap of my goals for the month of May (here). There were not so much but they help me to heart. The month of May was a lots of mix for try eat new food, very very mix.

My first was to continue to eat my favorites meals, that it’s OK!

My second goals was to try new food for photoshoot, that it’s least Ok but also.

My third goals was to try eat more fruits and vegetables, I founded just one solution for that.

My fourth was to enjoy time where I cook for prepare my meals or food for photoshoot, that it’s Good.

See more details.

I had continue to eat my favorites meals, inclued Sloppy Joe,

Mac & Cheese,

or Bolognaise Buns,

A favorite also, I had continue to eat Chocolat Fondant, two nights by week and…

…drink Tea every single nights.

Hot dogs was also here.

Food photography was dedicated to Cheesecakes more, I learn how cook, it is a big thing before I never cook them.

Below new food, I tested.

Pasta Gnocchi.

I don’t wanted eat yogourt these last times but I founded this chocolat, vanilla and it’s more easy.

Ice cream inclued in few days when the temperature start to up.

This month I tested Strawberry/Banana smoothie and I love it, perfect for change of Kiwi-Apple-Pineapple.

The other day for dinner I tried a Fried egg, it was intermediate thinking between good or bad.

Lots of mornings for Breakfast I ate Stuffed Nutella.

I tried to mix meat and cheese, burger with Nutella, others variants of Sloppy Joe with beans, peas.

This month, I founded the solutions to give at my body more fruits with smoothies, it’s the only solution that I have found.

Yeah!!! Enjoy took Food Photography, I’m so grateful for THAT.

With my May plan, inclued to post two recipes in the weekend on the blog. See what they were.

Mac & Cheese Recipe

Sloppy Joe

Vanilla Milkshake

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake

No Bake Mint Oreo Cheesecake

Easy Spinach Meat

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Ok, it is my April Food In Review post.


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