img 2145 - MAC & CHEESE RECIPE

It is a of my favorites meals at these moments Mac & Cheese (and say that 9 months ago I could not eat pasta because of my fear of calories).

A simple and easy meals. This recipe and for about 2 persons.


120 g Pasta Shells

5 Slices of Hamburger Cheddar (in France I have not found in other form).


Boil water in a saucepan, when it is at boiling point put pasta in water 5 minutes.

Take a strainer and pour the pasta to remove the water, shaken the pasta for remove all water.

Handing over the pasta in saucepan, put a lid.

In a cup put slices of cheddar put 90 s in microwave, stir after.

Add cheddar at pasta and stir until all combined and serve.

A Mac & Cheese recipe.

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