Little Lately

Today, it was last day of school and I want just to do a little lately not so much.


Saturday afternoon, sit on the floor and I ate few pieces of Chocolat Milka.

Friday night with a new season 14 episode.

Saturday night with Hawai 5-0 a new episode season 7.

A Chocolate Fondant.

… And Saturday my mom asked me to play with her at Domino, so I watched and play at the same time.

First day of Spa on Sunday/Mother’s day.

Memorial Day

For Breakfast, Stuffed Nutella pancakes.

I got dressed with white and blue, I have no red in my dressing.

I made myself a star Sandwich Cheese and a Capri Sun for lunch in the train on go at my psy visit.

I drunk a red smoothies before train departure on the back.

And finish with a Chocolate fondant.


This is a very little life lately on a last day of school.





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