Ok, it’s time for a life lately with Easter day inclued.

Cooking Mac and Cheese.

A little Cream Ball Choco on thursday afternoon.

Tea time on Friday night (&everyday night) before…

NCIS Season 14 first episode was return on TV in France.

Hard to watch without Tony Agent inside but the new actor are funny, I founded for the first episode in any case.

Saturday Smoothie.

Work on my new purchases shopping.

Not easter again but ate eggs already.

Vanilla Milkshake.


Nutella hot dog, tea and ready for…. watch

Hawai 5-0.


Nutella Pancakes for breakfast.

During breakfast watch a very little of The Dog Who Saved Easter movie.

After look a little of easter basket of my parents.

A little moneys and this big egg custom with my name above on the verso.

I love this shirt from Superdry.

This for my Lunch.

A rabbit (on the photo there is rest that the back) for dessert.

Go for wait with Ipad.

A egg also.

For dinner I ate mashed potatoes and I had try to form a egg in the plate with.

Monday egg before to ready for a  little trip to zoo.

A bear.

Grhhhh, Tiger:

Flowers a lots.

On this trip I working on photography and filming on the same time.

A other egg for finish monday.

On thursday, I had my psychiatrist visit after a break on the way of back at the station during walking the rain is come here but it was white we would have say that was snow.

The visit hour was 12H30PM so I not ate  just a brownie at 02H00PM that not healthy all that.

On tuesday egg before bed.

Wednesday with a lots of eggs again (FOUR) Whaoo; CALORIES, hi! eggs contents proteins, funny.

This life lately with easter inclued and Chocolate; XOXO.

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